Is Oral Sex Safe or Not?

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So, is it Safe or Not?

Generally, oral sex is healthy, enjoyable part of adult relationships. It is a great way to have fun when practiced properly and by the right people. With this sex, you can’t get pregnant. That’s because there is no ejaculation in the vagina or anus. But, there are risks involved in it.

One of the major risks of this form of sex is that it’s possible to pass pathogens to your partner. These include pathogens that cause syphilis, gonorrhea, and herpes. Diseases like genital warts, hepatitis B and C, pubic lice, chlamydia, and HIV can also be spread through this sex.

Generally, the risk is higher for the person giving it than the one receiving. That’s because there is a higher risk of genital fluids exposure. To reduce the risks of sexually transmitted diseases, you can use a barrier protection. For instance, a man can wear a condom to reduce the transmission risk.

Women can use dam. This is thin, small square latex that creates a barrier between the anus or the vagina, thereby preventing the spread of the disease-causing pathogens. Some people argue that oral sex causes throat cancer.

But, in reality, throat cancer can be caused by transmission of the Human Papilloma Virus from one person to another. If you practice oral sex and you want to avoid throat cancer, you can now receive a vaccine that prevents contraction of this illness. So, if you are the kind that engages in this practice more often, consider getting this widely available vaccine.

But, just like any other form of intimacy, the most important thing is to choose the right partner. Know the partner that you have oral sex with well and always play safe if you opt to have it with mature escorts.